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Mechanical Guillotine Rubber Cutters

Designed for the easy cutting of cured and uncured rubber
Our Mechanical Guillotine Rubber Cutters are designed for simplicity of use, cost efficiency and long durability. They are designed specifically for the ease of cutting raw material for the viscometer and rheometer, compounded material for performs, as well as they can easily trim cured sheets.

Our cutters are available in two popular blade lengths (6 inch and 14 inch) and can quickly slice through material up to 3 inches thick. See photos.

Our Mechanical Guillotine Rubber Cutters feature heavy-duty steal and aluminum construction. The cam action mechanism allows the cutting edge of the blade to remain nearly parallel to the contact surface for its entire length. This eliminates slipping and squeezing of the raw material associated with other types of cutters.

Our blades are manufactured from high carbon steel. They can be re-sharpened as often as necessary, plus replacements are also available.

Two models to choose from: Model 600 and Model 1400.

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Phone: (440) 357-5982
Fax: (440) 357-6729
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